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Are currents in Indonesia really so strong and scary?

Updated: Jun 21

After our trips to Komodo, we realized that some of the major concerns had been about the 'challenging' underwater conditions of Indonesia's waters.

Are these currents really so difficult and scary for us as divers? Here are our tips for the Tribe.

Safe and Exciting Diving in Komodo

You don't have to jump into strong currents right away. What is wonderful in Komodo National Park is the many options suitable for different diving levels. Most dives are conducted in protected areas, and the guides carefully study the dive sites.

First of all, remember that upon arrival, you won't be thrown into a strong current. The first dives are always done in calm spots, ideal for reconnecting with the sea and gaining confidence. Then, you might experience your first current on a wall where you'll just have to go with the flow - an exciting and safe experience.

Practical Tips for Diving in Currents

  1. Flow with the Current

Remember that you cannot fight the current. We have to first accept the current and then become friends with it. Try to relax and breathe correctly, without becoming exhausted. If for any reason you start hyperventilating, stop. Find a rock to hold onto and regain your breath.

2. Stay One Step Ahead

Guides in Komodo provide very clear briefings that incredibly anticipate the site's conditions, choosing the safest and most comfortable profiles. Prepare your equipment in advance. Having a 'clean' and essential configuration will do you a great favor. It is crucial not to have dangling items (hooks, cameras, flashlights, accessories). 3. Observe and Adapt

Watch the fish and your guide. Fish swim against the current, so their direction will give you clues. Imitating your guide's posture and movements is also crucial. There is always a reason why divemasters position themselves close/far from the reef, or at a certain depth. Copy them! Being 2 meters below or more in the blue MAKES the difference. It can complicate your dive, so simply follow your guides' exact position.

4. Improve Trim and Finning

Maintain a horizontal posture to be more hydrodynamic. Fin effectively, with long, strong strokes instead of quick, short ones. When you are with the current, stop finning, it is unnecessary. Simply spread your knees to be more stable, like an airplane. Let yourself be pushed and only steer the direction you want with small fin movements.

Suitable Equipment for Diving in Currents

  • Fins: The most important asset. We prefer rigid and wide blades that provide a great water movement with less effort. (How to choose your fins)

  • Reef Hook: A vital accessory in strong currents, allowing you to hold onto the bottom without damaging the ecosystem. (Check it here)

  • Signal Buoys: It is necessary while diving in sites like Komodo to be visible once on the surface, in case you get separated from the group. (Check it here)

  • Camera: If you bring a camera, ensure it is well secured and do not get distracted when entering the water.

The Experience of Diving in Currents: An Exciting Adventure

My first dive into a current was a mix of emotions and pure fun. It's true that even for someone of our level, it's a learning experience. Every sea is different, and they all have a small adaptation process.

At first, it was a bit disorienting. I felt the current pushing me in different directions, and this usually doesn't happen in the Maldives, where we come from. I quickly relaxed and started to enjoy the ride. Flowing with the current became an exciting and fun experience, and I soon learned to let go and enjoy the underwater ride. I must say that these changing currents caught me by surprise but made the experience even more fun. Trying to understand and go with the currents.

Know Your Limits

Don't try to go beyond your comfort level. Komodo offers dive sites for all levels. If you don't feel secure, choose a calmer option and gradually progress. On our boat, we offer the possibility of smaller groups and always the extra assistance of a Tribe instructor.

Choose a Professional Dive Company

The choice of a dive company is crucial. Look for a company with experienced guides and instructors who take the safety and well-being of their clients seriously. The professionalism and knowledge of the team make a big difference in the diving experience. Cheap is not the best choice.

The currents in Komodo are indeed an incredible and unique attraction in the world. But they are not dangerous if approached with caution and preparation. This incredible phenomenon enriches marine life, offering spectacular encounters with schools of fish, mantas, and more. Divers of all levels can enjoy Komodo if done progressively and with the support of experienced professionals.

The currents of Komodo not only provide a dose of adrenaline but also make this place full of marine life, with schools of colourful fish, nudibranchs, mantas, Napoleons, and more. This is a place that divers of all levels can enjoy, especially if approached progressively and with the support of experienced professionals.

The Wonder of the Indian and Pacific Oceans

It is true that Komodo is an incredible place where the Indian and Pacific Oceans meet, a phenomenon that alone is astonishing. This encounter creates impressive energy forces, making Komodo a unique place. One day you dive in one sea, and the next day in another. It's crazy! You can see the two seas colliding from the surface, creating waves, whirlpools, and water springs. This spectacle raises the adrenaline before diving, anticipating an exciting underwater experience.

Book Your Adventure in Komodo Today!

Ready for the adventure? Book your next trip with us and discover the magic of diving in Komodo. We look forward to providing you with an unforgettable experience.


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