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6 nights | 15 dives

08 - 14 September, 2024

Komodo National Park is renowned for the breathtaking landscapes and the marine biodiversity, 

one of the most magical underwater landscapes of the world.

A diving destination that blends adventure both at sea and on land. 


Labuan Bajo, located on the western most tip of the Indonesian island of Flores, is a popular destination for diving enthusiasts. It serves as the gateway to the KomodoNational Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of themost biodiverse marine regions in the world.

Underwater world of this reagion is filled with vibrant coral reefs, abundance of marine life, and awe-inspiring divesites. The warm tropical waters surrounding Labuan Bajo are home to an incredible variety of marine species ,including manta rays, sea turtles, reef sharks, colorful fish, and the renowned Komodo dragons. 

Our program includes exlporing by land the National Parksof Komodo Dragons and Padar.


Diving in Komodo offers one of a kind diving experience.

Located within the Coral Triangle give the chance to witness exhilarating drift dives along nutrient-rich currents, where pelagic species thrive. 

These currents attract large schools of fish and create thrilling underwater interactions.

In addition to its diverse marine life, Komodo is renowned for its underwater topography, featuring dramatic walls, pinnacles, and caves. Exploring these underwater formations adds an extra layer of excitement, offering opportunities for exploration and discovery around every corner.

With its combination of breathtaking underwater scenery, abundant marine biodiversity, and adrenaline-pumping drift dives, diving in Komodo promises an unforgettable adventure for divers of all levels.

What is included?

  • 15 dives incl night dive and dive guide ratio 4:1. Divers Tribe instructor aboard.

  • 4 nights aboard Amalia + 2 nights in Seasta on land in a double room accomodation.

  • Diving gear if needed.

  • While aboard: Full board, water, soft drinks, post-dive snacks.

  • Stand up paddle-boarding.

  • Land excursions during the liveaboard i.e. hiking, dragon trekking, beach relaxing.

What is excluded?

  • International or domestic flights.

  • Taxi/boat transfers to Labuan Bajo (can assist with this).

  • Diving insurance (compulsory).

  • Travel insurance (compulsory).

  • Marine Park fees to Komodo National Park - on site € 110.

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