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Fly Tech BCD

Fly Tech BCD


The first things you notice wearing the BC FLY TECH are freedom of movement, the perfect fit and the stability of the equipment. This level of comfort is achieved through a new harness concept with adjustable shoulder, padded and reinforced, straps special hooked directly to the bladder working in perfect harmony with the lumbar suspension system and hip belt anchored directly to the tank.

The FLY TECH BC has 8 D-rings in stainless steel, two of which can be slid up and down along the shoulder pads, to meet all configuration needs,2 rear straps and padded back panel with fabric AIRNET, very comforting.

Outside bladder made of Cordura 1000dn is very sturdy can withstand any exposure which is submitted and resistant to any use even more intensive. FLY TECH BC is a modular jacket, as it can also accommodate a plate and counter-plate in stainless steel or aluminum for double-tanks and pockets for weights or accessories.

Extremely lightweight and compact is a great BC Travel.



  • External bladder CORDURA 1000 dn

  • 3 colors available: red, navy blue and green

  • Inside fabric DN 210 laminate Polyurethane

  • Lifty Capacity: 18 lt

  • Harness adjustable (2 tg.S-M and L-XL) hooked directly on the bag and the straps of the tank

  • Padded shoulder straps for added comfort

  • Bungee Cord (6 mm) to accommodate the size of the bladder and facilitate deflation

  • Soft-padded backrest AIRNET

  • D-ring 50mm and all stainless steel accessories

  • Corrugated steel components with cable strain relief.

  • No. 2 over pressure valves

  • Ready for mounting plate and counter plate in AISI 316 stainless steel or anodized aluminum (NOT INCLUDED)

  • Optional storage pockets or weight carrying (NOT INCLUDED)

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