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Playa del Carmen

In this privileged Caribbean area, we have different diving options, each with a superlative level of beauty, so we divide them into Sea and Cenotes.

Koh Lanta is a picturesque island located on the west coast of Thailand, in the province of Krabi. This small paradise is renowned for its vast, long stretches of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. It offers a tranquil and laid-back atmosphere, and in addition to its natural beauty, the island boasts a diverse community of fishermen and local residents. This makes it a lively and vibrant island, yet pleasantly unspoiled. It's also one of the preferred diving spots for travelers. Diving here never disappoints.

Underwater Life

Diving into the waters of Koh Lanta is like entering a dreamy underwater world! You'll find yourself surrounded by brightly colored corals and an incredible variety of tropical fish, ranging from the tiniest to the largest predators. You might come face to face with a turtle or approach a zebra shark. Ever heard of a nudibranch? Exploring the reefs and underwater caves feels like navigating a maze teeming with marine life. The visibility is stunning, and the weather always cooperates. Additionally, Koh Lanta is famous for the opportunity to dive with a whale shark. It gives us shivers just thinking about it...

The best time to visit the island is typically from November to April, as this marks the onset of good weather and the region bids farewell to the wet monsoon season.

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